Bay3_Sketch Idea2.jpg

the lantern house - in DA phase

Near the water of Quakers Hat Bay in Beauty Point, Sydney is a piece of land tucked into a gully beneath a canopy of angophora trees. This will soon become the stage for a new family home to be revealed. People in this green and winding street greets each other by name. Their children go to the local school down the road. Everyone who resides in the area pass by this house as they set out for the day.  We have called this house - The Lantern. 

The lantern is suggestive of a coaching house, a place where people might stop before departing for town. It heralds a corner. It is a milestone marker on your way to someplace. It is also an exotic mask, to conceal the private realm beyond- to be revealed only upon invitation. The house is conceived as a filter between the public street edge and the steep lush wild bushland behind. Alternatively closed, layered, contained and opening, peeling away to connect to sun and stone and carved space…

Project Details

Location           Mosman, Sydney
Images             Alexandra Mowday