the dancing sunshine studio - under construction

The Brief for this project was to create a flexible recording / audio production studio that would also function as a live performance space for intimate concerts. This project had two main constraints. The first being that building is a heritage-listed former wool store and secondly; it had no windows or access to natural daylight!  Our approach to the heritage aspect of the space was to create studios and sound-proof rooms that were suspended within the heritage framework so as to have a minimal impact upon the existing structure. To compensate for lack of natural daylight, we created strongly defined public and private areas to mimic an indoor/ outdoor experience. This was overlayed with a dynamic lighting design. The larger 'public' spaces were made brighter in order to create a daylight experience and the private spaces incorporated more intimate lighting design.  


It was unanimously decided that we all need more sunshine in our lives!

Project Details


Location                Brookvale, Sydney

Builder                  KD Build Group

Photography        Alexandra Mowday