the dancing sunshine studio

The client approached Queen Mab Design Studio with an interesting brief. “Can you please convert my factory unit into a personal hang-out space? I would like it to include an art studio, a carpentry workshop and a state-of-the-art dance rehearsal studio to rival the Australia Ballet”. 

Prior to its rebirth as The Dancing Sunshine Studio, this 300m2 commercial unit in Brookvale, Sydney was an abandoned cabinet factory complete with square carpet flooring and strips of fluorescent lighting. Tasked with finding a simple and effective way to turn a blank unit into a personal creative, multi-functional space, Queen Mab Design Studio suggested that the space first be stripped of all its previous history. All that remained was a long dark volume. The first intervention included inserting a narrow skylight which accentuated the length of the room. ‘Olympia Yellow’ joinery was placed along the entire wall of the space further articulating the length of the room whilst also creating a link between the art making area on one side and the dance floor on the other. 


Downstairs, the unit includes a 150m2 carpentry workshop as well as a meeting space and two bathrooms. The first floor contains the dance studio (complete with sprung floor, ballet barre, walls of mirrors and lights); an art making space; a kitchen and hang out area; costume storage and workshop storage. 

Project Details


Location                Brookvale, Sydney

Builder                  KD Build Group

Photography        Simon Whitbread