the balmoral sailing club renovation

Approaching the clubhouse at the quiet southern end of Balmoral Beach is like taking a step back in time. The original 1975 club building stood unaltered, overlooking the Balmoral Reserve and bay. Sailors mill around outside on the lawn rigging boats whilst the children climb trees.  The building has serviced its members and local community well for these past forty five years. The two-level building accommodates boat storage on the ground floor whilst the first floor comprises a meeting hall, change rooms, office and kitchen. The Brief was to renovate the interiors of the first floor change rooms and main hall and our approach to the renovation was to pay homage to the original 1970's architecture. Terrazzo tiles hark back to the 70's whilst the Tasmanian oak benches and tongue and groove cladding reference the sailing boats and the enduring sea fairing culture of the club. 

project details
Location                 Balmoral Beach, Sydney
Builder                   JetCharm Construction
Photography         Simon Whitbread