The Studio

Queen Mab is an emerging architecture practice that specialises in residential projects of all types. 


Architecture straddles the line between the theoretical and the practical. Although it is fundamentally commercial in nature, like other creative disciplines such painting, dance and music, it is an art - or almost an art. How much of an art it is will depend on how far you are willing to go. And how much you are willing to pour yourself into it, and how deeply you intend to care about it. We believe the best architecture can be made when the designer  is engaged across the entire architectural process, from the initial sketch to final brick being laid. We believe that our personal attention and involvement ensures that every building is rigorously designed, built and cared about. 

Queen Mab

Queen Mab is a mythical creature who has appeared in prose and poetry from Shakespeare to Shelley. Look her up. We understand her to be the giver of dreams. She can’t necessarily make them come true (you will need a builder for that) ...but she can give you something to dream about.